Miles out to sea, swimming back to shore
Just you and me
Miles out in a darker sea, coming back again
Covering me

Blood shivers down
Cover my heart and floodin’ the soul
We’ve been lost and found
Everybody’s gotta try and fill that hole

My, oh, my, the water’s deep
The water’s deeper than you and me, yeah
My, oh, my, oh, my, how we speak?
When everybody’s swimming in a darker sea, sail free, yeah

Oh, how is it me
You’re sitting on a shark staring back at me
Out there the shadows fall
Everybody’s waiting for the sun to call

It’s getting hard in this dirty down
Don’t let the fuckless grind you down
My, oh, my, oh, my, where we’re free?
Everyone’s swimming in a darker sea

Sail free, sail free, sail free

He’s eleven miles out
It takes strength get him out

Sail free, sail free
Sail free, sail free
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Eleven Miles Out Lyrics

Doves – Eleven Miles Out Lyrics