She's got subtle eyes, they seem to tell it all
Her mother's smile and her daddy's gift for gab
Has me stuttering, I have to say that there would be
No heaven without you
And I'm all strung out, I'm suffering, it's another day
That I can't believe that she's everything I want to be,
And I know it's you, 'cause there's nothing that I could change,
You'd be exactly like you are
(I said) Oh oh, oh oh
Somehow, she can get me to do that
Oh oh, oh oh
I couldn't make this up
(I said) You, you do what you do, and you do
You do what you do, and you do it so good
Yeah, you do
She's got sugar cane on her lips, a cherry bomb for a kiss
She's a gift from God, she's the enemy
There's got to be anything that I can do
For heaven without you
I remember when I saw your face in a crowded room
And all I could see was you and your Southern grace
I nearly died because I found you
Exactly like you are
(I said) Oh oh, oh oh...
(I said) You...
(There would be no heaven without you)
(I said) You...
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You Do Lyrics

Dot Dot Dot – You Do Lyrics