I love to smoke a lot never see me now
High up in the sky I go
Call up everyone I know and ask em who got it
Let's roll up

I'm smoking pound after pound
I always stay up , I never come down
My eyes are super hippie
Kinda low , lookin chinkie
I'm never shitty
I smoke so much I smoke so much
I don't know what I don't know what
Whaaaat ? *cough cough*

Roll me up that chocolate blunt
I call that my sweet weed
Sweeter than swisher sweets
Mary Jane in my brain
Fulfill my needs , I never say please
I just smoked on her bushy tree

Blowing out clouds and clouds
Yeah I'm floatin on em
Now I announce that I just shitted on em
Piss on your face like a urinal
'Cause I'm the stoner boy general
Get it through your skull


Who got that fucking Mary Jane
Make me go fuckin insane
Makes me feel like I have no brain
I go so hard in the bain
I like that shit that just stank
Make me go crazy
Fucking back , kicking it
Like I'm fucking lazy

I like that sticky green
Lighten up my Christmas tree
So fuckin fly that I am floating
Y'all can get on me
Levels where I wanna be
Ain't no ones comparison
I'm fuckin up , but so what
I just smoked another blunt you fucks

Fuck me , no fuck you twice and backwards
See I do it real slick
No slackers
I be like Howard packers
Uploads and downloads
Bitch I got this shit
In the up neck chokehold


Yeah I'm bat lil nigga bout to keep the block hot
And I got them bitches scared when they hear the glock cock
Told you motha fuckas I'm nothing but top notch
And my timing is so perfect you can check a stop watch
Gun so big
shot out a rocket
Take a niggas head and put it in my pocket
This day forward got this game on lock
Guarantee you niggas ima blow the spot
Turn the shit up
You ain't heard nothin like this
Y'all niggas think you're hard cause you're in the club and crisp
No you nervous man if I was you I'd be pissed
When you finally get a shot , you get dismissed
I'm the little nigga making money by the acres
And I stack more bread than the local deli baker
When I'm ready I just sit there
Hold the peace steady
Blow one round watch your ass drop to the ground yeah

If a mother fucker wants to start shit yeah
I don't give a fuck , I yell I'm high
Always busy , smoking these trees
Hit after hit , feelin lazy
Rockstar lifestyle yeah I made it
You just outdated like expired food
Check your gag reflex cause I just threw up you

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Fruit Rolled Up Lyrics

Dot Dot Curve – Fruit Rolled Up Lyrics

Songwriters: CODY SMITH
Fruit Rolled Up lyrics © AUDIAM, INC

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