You know me, what you got? I got a brand new 213
I got a bitch that I pull down amazing
She look just like angelina jolie,
I’m running rounds like I’m Michael Crab tree, 49’ers
I’m in california smoking california, marijuana
I be in arizona sipping arizonas
I slept with my chains and woke up with newmonia

I done came up, 30 minutes first round
I’m in that pussy deep 10 yards first down
Lil mama got the ass she a pretty round brown
Big like brown, got her going down town
I fucked that bitch then I hit denny’s
Fuck screams man I’m thinking loud pad minnies
Coca-Cola mixing with the remi and the heny
Watching south park, who killed kenny? Who
Who killed swag, my nigga Ace Boogie
Got a bad bitch and all she do is make cookies
I make her get the weed she bring it back to me
Ptc and g black hoodie
Shout out young nation, there’s only one nation
Drop a mixtape and take a foreign vacation
All across the world repping one location
I kick it with the nigga who ain’t been at playstation
I kick it with the nigga who ain’t been at sony
Realy my boss montana, tony
I don’t rent it, if I drive it, I own it
I see it, want it, buy it, blown it
I done done a lot I got a lot to tell
If you want the game I got a lot to sell
If I go to jail, murk got the bail
We got a hit single, it’s called what the hell
I do shows, with my niggas, these hoes choosing them haters mad
Cause they chose my niggas, I fuck a bitch and then hit the yo and get blown
With my niggas, and best believe we toe still triggers
Whole salty, bill picker, real nigga, no hill figure

I got a phoney ass 2 parties, finey young
I’m a king and rocking who you rocking, yeah hardy
All you niggas go broke, I swear to god you a dope
You are a rapper, but you better outsell the coke
I’m a young pimp in the flesh, skrit, move it out, yes
…bitch niggas, bitch niggas better call correct
Catch a blessing now I’m fin to jet
Where the bad bitch say she wanna have sex, right now
I’m so triple d, I never miss like teks
Yeah, my money long like a motherfucking mean freeway
…young I’m killing niggas, y’all ain’t getting on my …way
I’m smoking kush I’m popping zans but I’m not…the smokey
My kush loud, my bitch loud, my house are like coyotes
It’s finey young, I’m geeked up, you know … rollie

And my money on a whole another level
Finey I’m pedal to the metal, get stupid
And my chain got red diamonds
I used to play hockey for the red devils
My diamonds look like rose petals
…in the dirt no shovel
And I got so much guns, I should have a junkyard for metals
Been smoking on coroner’s… I get more …
I fuck bad bitches you settle
And all my niggas fucking rebels

They gonn hate off top, who the hell called the cops
Damn, gold chain, gold watch, it’s like I robbed the jewelry shop
I got gold on my draws, too many gold chains, fuck it, I’ma wear em all
I just hop and park the…go lock then my draws fuck the denim flaws
Nine on my hip, I’m young louw wall, ever played house with a lot of barbie dolls
Hope that my girl don’t call, getting head in the restroom stall
Man, your chain look tan, damn, did you found your shit in the sand
All my dumbers come from japan, 3d lamps, we blowing afgan

This rosary still shining, well …
Money talking here but I’m saying
I got guns from pakistan
And my bitch is korean, my trucks battle of the bands
She gives me head she got the masterplan
Dtc, we wu tang clan, yeah
My kush is the best trench, and I’m holding the choppa in my hand
Got your main bitch in the trance, and I’m balling while you in the stench
Order 30 boxes swishers, put the name and my picture
Time to take your little sister, I’am mac your bitch hit for twister
I’m sipping with the pefect mixture
Get that … I’ve been saying once my time flicker
Turnt your bitch to a gold digger
90 swag with the gold all rose, rims
Everybody knows that I’m rocking
And money grow on trees, I keep them limbs
Shoot you for a clip, I’ma put you in a film
Is you scary I think I’m on the elm, street
I’m Freddie Kruger …got deep, down
Money talk let my speak
Yo I got em… my atl bitch is a georgia peach
I eat that pussy up time fro a feast
Eat every beat, bonne apetite
Running this game, where the fuck my click, nation
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All Gold Everything Lyrics

Dorrough – All Gold Everything Lyrics