Cecil [Hook:]
Now the candle's in the window and it's open We watch the flames duke it
Out with every gust and we're hoping no, it must just burn to the bottom
Of the wick It's the bottom of the 5th and that shit is still burning
We're still turning every table when it's needed Not laying there
Defeated, no We draw our bows back repeatedly Then off with the arrows,
And the Gods and the Pharaohs From the bottom of our hearts we're from
The bottom of the barrel Now, peril knows no bounds terror won't slow
Down but there's a whole low down of beauty to be shown now We broke
Ground and broke our backs stacking bricks We never broke our promises;
You'll never know just half of it We're adamant on building every wall
And stair sturdy and when our work is done, then we'll call our shares
Worthy In this land of milk and honey, we're too shy to say we're thirsty
We just make a little money and we... We buy a little mercy

Channy [Hook:]
No more my lord No more my lord Lord I'll never turn back no
More my lord

Cecil [Hook:]

If you welcome every trespass then every tramp's a guest Give what they
Would take from you then every theft's a gift Hold too tightly to
What's in your hands or in your chest and the future it won't open, palm
Reader's can't work fists Broken bones are stronger for the breaking
No, the danger's in the bending those concessions that you never can take
Back Curl you round a cane you're still in tact, but now quite lame
Better to grit your teeth, ready the cast and let it snap We're always
First to come in we're running when we hit the ground We never do leave
Early stand sentry at the lost and found We just make a little money
And we start that long walk into town where we buy a little mercy

Channy [Hook:]

So no more talk about the backfires this time we fire back Light a
Match and light the past up before it catches up We'll raise a mast and
Cast off Yeah, we'll break some legs and mend em and then we'll take
Our casts off Now, we've had our losses We've had our victories We've
Sat across from every victim of their misery That pounding in our chests
Was just a symptom of our sympathy We'll lay ourselves to rest with both
Our winnings and our injuries We're so hungry We're so thirsty I'm
Gonna hunt until it hurts me (and it hurts me) We're aching (aching)
We're so thirsty But, we're gonna make a little money... And buy a
Little mercy

Channy [Hook:]

Cecil [Hook:]
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Little Mercy Lyrics

Doomtree – Little Mercy Lyrics