I been making my story while they waiting on glory
They speak with strays and got a lot to blame
Hey, alright okay
You still yelling out without nothing to say, huh?
What, you tryna stop the rain?
It won't let up
There's no set up
It's only meta
Hey, alright okay
Strictly for the flame, I'm like fuck the fame, huh
When it all comes tumbling down
The man bui, t with rubble while you fumbled your crown
Hey, alright okay
'Cause everything is that way, okay?

We share the road with a mutual lack of shame
We share our souls that are suited for laughs and pain
Dancing for acid rain
Fanning the flames underneath us
Hoping it'll reach us
Coping with the teacups full of storms
Mean mugs full of hate
We trudge through the storm
We love to relate
Fake? Never, no way
We shake out of our skin and make the great escape
But wait,
I need a little less in my headphones.
No wait,
I need a little more in my headphones.
No wait,
Man, I think I'll just head home
Headstrong, reciting every word on my headstone

STEF (Hook)
Let it go
Let it roll on past
Don't hold back
Understand it's over before you know
Let it go
Let it roll on past
Don't hold back (x2)

Yeah, and I'm feeling like fresh new trash
Top of the can, out of the bag
And scattered all over everything
Nothing can last
Beautiful, dash our pursuit of a path
Clear of the garbage, hardly
Boss me soft
Watch me scoff
Toss me, I just laugh
Heavily cough
Stop never, ain't no shakin' me off
I chainsaw walls
Laws for the rich ain't for me yet
'Til it's warm, we in the corner writing warnings making bets
You by your lonely making threats
Let you scar my open arms
Try and teach my open head
How to turn yours
Burn more
I just keep the floors full
Unlocked, no score kept
No bullshit

I been boom
I been bust
I rep Doom
'Til I'm dust
And yes, this shit rumbles and rusts
But the engine still runs
We're all friends, here, all love
Why don't you roll with us?
A passion, a purpose, a business
It's personal
Witness the curse as it's written with crossed t's and dotted I's
Not allotted lotta time
Gotta try and get your lines right
Don't mind that sinister sky
Just let the spinnaker fly.


We get our songs out
And what we got is what we got
No amount of food is Falling out the side of our mouth
Rhymes come out and the food goes in
If we flop then we don't win
The label takes and L
This isn't indie rap
This is ten years
Stress and tears
Sweat and fears
Acceptance from our friends and peers
And everything that's got us here
It's written on my face
You can see it when I close my eyes
And sing a Dessa Darling line
The realest thing I never wrote
Quote me any time
"It's win, lose, or tie"
Still Doomtree 'til I die
Even after death and dirt
Let 'em know who said it first, then put it on your favorite shirt
Rap won't save you
Sell 'em absolution with a verse.

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Fresh New Trash Lyrics

Doomtree – Fresh New Trash Lyrics