Verse #1:
He plays acoustical guitar
And not even that great
His friends fight all his battles
To music, he's A waste
And even though he thinks he's screamo
I have to give him credit
He'd humiliate himself
And forget to mention it

Jeremy thinks my screamo's sellout
Jeremy has no class at all
Jeremy thinks he's superior
When he's taking the biggest fall

Verse #2:
Maybe one day he'll ghet A clue
And learn how to label music
Then he can fight his own wars
Because hate, he'll have to get used to
Tomorrows A new day
Maybe then he'll earn some respect
Until that time I laugh
Because he's such A stupid prick

Repeat chorus

When he speaks, he speaks and stumbles... It's so cold in here, they fucking tremble!
There isn't A fan alive, of this guy!
At least one that passed first grade!
None of them even seem to blink. Because they're drones!
Now tell me, they keep e-mailing me... What the fuck is going on!

Repeat chorus

Jeremy... Can't fight... His own... War!
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Jeremy Stout Thinks He's Screamo Lyrics

Don't Drown Amsterdam – Jeremy Stout Thinks He's Screamo Lyrics