Um open the door take a look in my brain to find all the ways that I can
Play this game or maybe see the reasons why people think I'm insane
Unsustain in the lane with the wild and untamed I'm a psycho path gassed up
On my relation to the projects, gang life, and deprivation of money
Critical situations are funny my thoughts are night and day even when it's
Sunny Alexian Brothers didn't do anything for me as you can see I'm very
Clever with no I. D. I can be whoever I decided to be my policy is not
Modesty honestly I'm the bad guy when it comes to the girls according to
Some, it's the ones with the curls, but anyway who care I'm on my way to
The next topic run to the chorus before you hear "Dj stop it"
I am crazy They Think I'm crazy(x2)
[Verse 2:]
I'm live spelled backwards see what it means I'm not what you think but
That's what it seems like my mind is screwed up and my brains in this cup
Or maybe I'm just fed up (I'm maybe I'm just fed up) fresh out the psych
Ward it's Donovan James a tad bit insane if you mention my name a lil vein
In the game stand alone in my lane still laying down the smackdown here
Comes the pain see when it comes to the rage I gets busy lost inside a tomb
Where my body feels dizzy passion arise but it's all in disguise murder
Guys with my eyes a classified demise they think I'm crazy but they aint
Seen nothing yet imagine if this country close down from debt prescription
Pills missing I'm undiagnosed I'm bout to kick it with my friend Casper the
I am crazy They Think I'm crazy(x2)
[Verse 3:]
I'm from a world where people want me to be kind so from time to time I
Lose my mind respect declines if I don't kick behinds I'm angry all the
Time I refuse to whine my darkest thoughts will kill anybody's optimism
Hold your criticism to a minimum what would life be like without me "You
Gotta always stay positive that's the key" well if you ask me, It's not the
Key I think that's b-you double L S-h-i-t. I'm in love with controversy the
Critics are thirsty every Christian out there think the devil has cursed me
To love my brothers who are Islamic it's not ironic if friendships are
Platonic maybe I'm insane to play this game he's untamed psycho everybody
Know his name
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They Think I'm Crazy Lyrics

Donovan James – They Think I'm Crazy Lyrics