They try to keep you scared and small,
Telling you the world ain't safe at all,
Gotta smash the smokescreen,
Don't swallow the lies they feed,
They wage a war that's based on greed,
Don't believe your T. V,
Gotta know your enemy,
Were the kids were quit aware
Of the rotten smell that's in the air
The power games have got to stop
Times up, Times up, Times up now
People die people loose their hope
Cheated by the man who cut the rope
Watch the world fall down - down down
I guess, it must be nice up there
But did you really think no one cares?
Gotta step down - right now
Times up - we can't take any more
No more No more
Times up times up times up again
Step down right now step down right now step down right now step down!!
Times up
Were he kids and were well aware
And we aint gunna sit around and stare
A facts a fact enoughs enoughs
Times up Times up
Time time ohohoh
Time time ohohoh
Time time ohohoh
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Time's Up Lyrics

Donots – Time's Up Lyrics