I'm a personlaity
Walking like a superstar
Talkin like a zombie
I'm a personality
Swimming in my money
Videos on mtv, Yeah
I'm a personality
I dolized poster-identity
I'm a personlaity
Don't need no talent
Cause I'm a tennage beauty
I'm a personality
God bless the record industry
I'm a personality
Modern musicians eam their
Money by hypocrisy
I'm a personality
Causing a musical catastrophe
I'm a personality
Music: silly lyrics: message-free
But don't be scared I'm not here
For every long cause in four or
Five months nobody knows
I've writting asong
Since I'm a superstar I can't
Believe how stupid you are
I'm insulting you in every line
And you still think I'm divine
You deef idiots you f... Kers,
You boobs, you morons
You suckers
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Personality Clash Lyrics

Donots – Personality Clash Lyrics