Hey, little girl, I've been watching you
And thinking about all the things that we both could do
When the right time comes, and you walk my way
I'll take your hand and you'll hear me say
I've got plans for you, believe me
I'm gonna teach you to really need me
Just like I need you
I've seen your eyes laugh when you were glad
Then filled with tears when you were sad
Thinking of a love that just didn't last
Well I'm here to tell you girl, that's all in the past
You know, I have something to believe in when the day is through
'Cause when I think about tomorrow my heart is filled with you
You may have known another before I met you,
But now that's all in the past so he better forget you
Oh, baby
(Chorus 3 times)
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I've Got Plans For You Lyrics

Donny Osmond – I've Got Plans For You Lyrics

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