Well I have a small confession, but I know it's just a lesson I'll have, to see,
And I'm hoping and I'm trying, cause I know that you're relying on me, to be,
The one and only person, that save you from this life, you live,
And I'm sorry that I'm sorry, but this is all I have, to give...

Hurry up hurry up and make a move,
Cause they're waiting,
Hurry up hurry up and see this through,
Just don't let me down,

And it's the same old story,
We know so well,
It's the same old story,
So well,

I swear, I'll make it,
I, will not let you down,
God knows, we deserve it,
At any cost, against all odds, I will.

And I've been stayin' up for days, trying to find the ways, I can, succeed,
But no matter what they say, I gotta do it anyway, I must believe,
And eventhough I'm tired, and I feel like I'm dying I cant, give up,
I'mma get up on the stage, I'mma sing it anyway till I, can't breathe,

And I will make it through the darkest of night,
And I'll carry you right on my back,

(I swore, I'd never... Back... Down...)
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Same Old Story Lyrics

Donnie Sands – Same Old Story Lyrics