Hey, sweet baby
I just can't get you off my mind
Hey, sweet baby
You're on my mind all the time

Just a taste of your sweet lips
Sends a thrill to my fingertips
Just to look into your eyes
Girl, makes me realize

You're all
All I need to get me by


No one can love me like you do
No one can do the things you do

Nothing can be warmer
Than your embrace
Nothing can be righter
Than your smiling face

Heaven was never like this
Good God almighty
What a heavenly bliss


I don't care what people say
I'm gonna love you anyway
I'm a fool for you, baby
Good God almighty, come what may

Girl, you groove me
Girl, how you move me


It ain't the way you do it, baby
It's how you do it, honey
It ain't the way you say it, baby
It's how you say it, baby


Hey, sweet baby...
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Sweet Baby Lyrics

Donnie Elbert – Sweet Baby Lyrics