Four cornered room, I'm going crazy
No job, one night stand, having a babe
The bad part is I chose my own way
Playing games every day
I'm here and I'm lazy
Bitch, fan refusing to give you a handout
Used to be your best friend
Now you're cursin' your man out

Please have mercy

Getting that bottle when getting high as ever
You wanna sell drugs, but the streets is dry than ever
Look in the mirror, nigga
You see the Grim Reaper?
Pick up the phone, death callin'
Put it on speaker

Please have mercy

Wake up close
What's with no kids?
Got to rob to eat, call me a new pet
Man I live in the streets
I got a daughter to feed, fuck it, I'm too stressed
Last bitch I trusted was a true test
Now she's a whole in the hood
They call her 'Loose Neck'
Man your wife's a bitch

I'm just speaking the truth
Ain't no lie in it
Heart black and cold, ain't no cry in me
Man I speak my mind and you don't have to feel it
I went to dinner with killers
Ain't no one willing
I survived a' of snakes
I'm a real nigga
I can spot these fakes tryin' to kill niggaz
Have mercy of my soul

Please have mercy of my soul
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Have Mercy Lyrics

Donnie Darko – Have Mercy Lyrics