Gulf shore line
Writers harley allen, mel besher, carson chamberlain

Waves are rollin' in, lazy summer wind
Sittin' in the sand, holdin' to your hand
I was ten and you were nine
Way out on the gulf shore line

You became my girl, I became your man
Underneath the stars, we were makin' plans
You said I do and you've done just fine
Way out on the gulf shore line

The sea will moan, waves will roll
The sea gulls fly, on the winds that blow
And I'll love you till the sun don't shine
Way out on the gulf shore line

Graduation day, Johnny walked away
Hard to say goodbye, harder not to cry
He had to leave his folks behind
Way out on the gulf shore line

Fifty years of life, thirty years of love
Time has gone so fast, one life's not enough
In heaven I know I'll find
You and the gulf shore line
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Gulf Shore Line Lyrics

Don Williams – Gulf Shore Line Lyrics

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