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Crazy Story Lyrics

Don Q – Crazy Story Lyrics

Yeah (Let's get it)
Yeah, yeah (Uh)

I had the drop on this rappin' nigga, he was in the city
Talkin' hot and he ating niggas like we don't get busy
Find a spot, ain't no lettin' up, spin it 'til you dizzy
When up top, keep yo' weapon up, gotta be on 50
All it take is a couple K, get you gone today
I saw a pray, I just call the play, they be on the way
Yeah, okay, pardon me, what you say? Come again
Fuck the club, if I can't get high, I ain't comin' in
Kick it with my .38, they can't tell I snuck it in
I went to visit 38, he got, like, 12 summers in
I got bitches on alert, I got drillers on [?]
I got some niggas in the dirt, I got some niggas on the [?]
Once a nigga on the shirt, they start to throwin' in the towel
I prayed his last car workin' while I'm goin' in the ave
Snitches in my neighborhood, I can't even play the hood
You say you real, but you ain't keep your mouth closed the way you should
Couple shootings at my shows, we ain't run, we stayin' stood
Some niggas wanna leave, I wanna get rich and take the hood
But when you tryna feed 100 niggas, you gon' be a hungry nigga
Ain't no lovey-dovey, she suck me, I can't get [?] with her
Got a 30 pack in my Mike Amiri's, this ho tryna size me up
Gang gang come out and them pipes in near, tell a ho nigga, "Try your luck"
Pay respect, I make a hater kiss the curb
Still sippin' surp once in a blue, I get the urge
Did you get the work?
From 66th and 65th, we not from 63rd
Did you get the work?
From 66th and 65th, we not from 63rd
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