There's a restless wind that blows outside my front door
It's the same every season of the year
It's a call of the wild of the adventures child in my heart
There's a faithful friend who sits besides me tonight
She's the first to arrive, the last to leave
She's a blessing, a curse
She's for better or worse in my heart
If I could have my way, I would let all the??? Peaches??? Feel the sun
To be young and carefree, nothing worrying me
Got no place I should be, just me and the deep blue sea

Late at night when I'm laying in my bed all alone
I can hear your voice whisper in my ear
Than I know I should stay in the??? Lea??? Of your love one more day
Save from that restless wind
Or I move into your house some day, my restless wind
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Restless Wind Lyrics

Don Dixon – Restless Wind Lyrics