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Temptation Was Too Strong Lyrics

Don Covay – Temptation Was Too Strong Lyrics

When we got married
All of our friends were there
Ev'ryone said
We were a happy pair

Together we would have
A home, sweet home
But listen
They didn't know, uh!
You had an outside affair goin' on


It's too, late (late)
Lord, too late (to late to wake up)
It's too late, it's too late
(It's too late)
Let me tell ya
We've got to break-up
(We've got to break-up)
Lord, you stayed away too long
(Temptation was) too strong
It's too, late (for you)

Hey, listen!
I've have a message for you!

Listen to me!

You know a friend of mine
Called me the other day
By the name of Joe Tex
He said, 'Don, try to *'Hold To What You Got'

But *'Ninety-Nine and a Half' won't do
Like Wilson Pickett said

I tried, *'A Lover's Prayer'
Like Otis Redding said
It just didn't work out

I'm gonna follow
Solomon Burke's advise
*'Tonight's The Night'
It's all over, honey

'Cause I need someone
To *'Stand By Me'
Like Ben E. King said
The rest of my life

Baby! Baby!

It's too (late)
You're too late to wake up
(It's too late to wake up)

And let me tell ya somethin' else!
It's too late
(It's too late) (now!)
I found myself a full time love

Girl, you know
You stayed away too long
Temptation was too strong
It's too late


And listen!
I don't want you to come
Knockin' on my do'!
(Too late)

May find myself, somebody

To let me sleep late ev'ry Sunday mo'nin
And bring me my breakfast to my bed
And when I have a headache
She comes, she rubs my achin' head

An you listen!
She comfort me
So sweet 'n frail

An let me tell you somethin', Honey!


You know, you just not qualified!
I said, you're not qualified!
You're just not qualified to do it!


Don't Song Title Reference:

1. Hold What You've Got - Joe Tex
Dec 19, 1964+ (#5 pop)
2. Ninety-Nine And A Half (Won't Do)
Wilson Pickett May 28, 1966 (#44 pop)
3. My Lover's Prayer - Otis Redding
June 4, 1966 (#6 pop)
4. Tonight's The Night - Solomon Burke
May 29, 1965 (#28 Pop)
5. Stand By Me - Ben E. King
May 8, 1961 (#4 Pop)
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