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SS4 Lyrics

Domo Genesis – SS4 Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Young niggas want hope
Bitch I walk a tight rope off the dope
Ho it's comeback season
Right where a pussy nigga front at, leave 'em
Running through the jungle still I comeback, breathing
I'm a king in my own mind
I be standing in the post when it's go time
Oh my, harness power like I'm Gohan
Fuck a co-sign, I ain't got no time for the program
Hit the Hyperbolic Chamber flow
Super Saiyan when I flame the 'dro
Pussy nigga what you aiming fo?
We gonna put you where the angels go
Watch your back or your halo's broke
Niggas say no more
Inglewood in this bitch getting righteous
Popping Senzu beans till I go unconscious
So much kush make a bitch feel nauseous
Spirit bomb drop it in this shit feel monstrous

SS4 heart kept pumping when the rest said no
Make your best fucking threat at your best set, go
Really wanna rumble with the best, lets go
Nigga SS4, Super Saiyan 4
Really wanna rumble with the best, lets go
Heart kept pumping when the rest said no
Make your best fucking threat nigga SS4

[Verse 2]
Got me feeling like a God or somethin'
Like I'm breaking all the odds or somethin'
See I think they have started somethin'
Been a trip never fall I'ma brawl for the cause, It ain't all for nothin'
From the bottom to the top, fuck all the frontin'
Put all the bullshit behind 'em
Bitch I'm blinding
Glow like the GBE clique, I'm shining
World get fondled, fuck the condom
Bust at any nigga don't duck is dying
Still surviving, fuck the sirens
I ain't got time for the shuck and jiving
Keep your tough fuck lady luck decided
You Hercule niggas can't beat us
Too powered up for the scouter shit to read us
Heavy in the game turn doubters to believers
Bring heat that'll cut the beef in half like Frieza


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