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Cocoa Tang Lyrics

Domino – Cocoa Tang Lyrics


Chocolate Girl
Livin' in a chocolate world
Come break me off a piece of that hershey thing
Girl I want to see taste your cocoa tang
Chocolate girl
Livin' in a chocolate world
Come break me off a piece of that hershey thing
Girl I want to feel your cocoa tang

[First Verse]
Girl flex, it's time to have sex
The diggady D's, diggin' it deep, in the back of the jeep
Thinkin' bout duckin' shuke shuke and he knows your name
And keepin' that strap or a gap for that trojan man
Lovin' it when you lick me low, or on top of me
So I'm ridin' it like a tractor, it's a factor
Can you feel me? Do you know my statistic?
Midwestern playalistic, mystic
Chocolate be my flavor, it's delicious
Like the bomb planted inside, when she hit this
Baby be with me, squirt out like a stream
This is my hour on the tower, baby starts to sing
Did I blow your mind this time?
Didn't I? You best believe it baby
I like to bust down with wood, just to feel your body heat
What is it bout your love that makes your hair smell so sweet?


[Second Verse]
Lovin' them senses, diggady got it sowed up
Got some bags and they're tryin' to get a playa rolled up
Surely on the reala, keep my pockets filled up
Hand on the Hen, a little case so the homie don't have to get up
I stay motivated these tricks hate it
When these ladies be choculated
'cause I'm peepin' up on them things, and a man who can kick that conversation
Don't try to run that game, and come with all that trash
Talkin' bout pay and hit, better find somebody else to go hit that ass
You may feel the pain
While the homies run a train
Put 'em in the trunk, 'cause I don't like them marys on my lap
I like it when it's tight, so I could hit it all night
To be true to y'all, Domino still be scopin' for the tight ass booty call
Came into her crib lookin' good for my health
On the scale of one to ten, I jumped back to kiss myself
When it's sweet, it's hard to get enough
So low does Domino go, to get a look of that cocoa


[Third Verse]
Let me do what I want to do
All I want to do is get naked boo
Let me do what I need to do
'cause all I want to do is reach deep in you
Touchin' you, feelin' you
Tastin' you, I know it pleases you
All night long, freakin' you

Chorus 2X
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