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Undertake Lyrics

Dom Shatti – Undertake Lyrics


Yo! Dom Shatti
Islam drop the beat
What's up Joe! that's how we do it in the underground, feel this!
What's up Amer! hope you hear me right now, Listen, Yeah!

[Verse 1]

Wakin' up fucked up voices in my head
What the fuck is goin' on am I alive? no I'm dead!
Nobody hear me when I talk
Talkin' to myself coz they don't hear what I said
Lookin' in the mirror, ain't seein' myself
Worst feelin' ever it feels like hell
Sometimes I ask myself do I really exist
I guess I know the answer now, I guess that's how it is
Tryina' remember good thing in my life, can't remember no shit
Dead soul, dead smile, dead words I spit
And that's better coz I rap about no Champaign on my fist
No disrespect Wiz, I gotta' do my thang and you gotta' do your buis
Keep the gun in my hand, keep the rolex on your wrist
Roll up a blunt and Keep calm dawg your name is not even on my list


Dom Shatti is the illest
And this is the Undertake
You think you can fuck with the music I make! ?
Give me a break!

[Verse 2]

All my rap is bout depression, I'm tryina be happy
Tryina do that, but demons are jumpin' at me
Red body coz I'm takin' a bloody bath
Do you think the devil is great my nigga' you do the math
Oh he ain't a great rapper, he just repeatin' his words
I don't giva' fuck watchu' think, I do whatever I want in my verse
I'ma shut your mouth bitch, but I'ma kill you first
Coz I'm the sickest motherfucka' on this earth
All my life I've been considered as the worst
Droppin' tears at night I think I'm cursed
My mama was about to die in the moment of my birth
But when I'm born, she was so happy, daddy wish he never had me
Had a hard life, no lie, Suicide in my motherfuckin mind, I wanna die
Should I put that gun in my mouth or should I hold that knife and rip fuckin heart out


[Verse 3]

You might not care, when I talk about my own life and how I live in a nightmare
My rhymes still givin' shit about yours to be aware
Analyze the words don't just dance & whip your hair
I ain't here to entertain, getchu' lost Nah, I ain't lil wayne
I'm here to make u feel hell's pain
I drink them blood in a cup, recognize the stain
You stuck in the mud, I'ma pull you up lika crane
Niggas bein' playas', girls bein' hoes
I ain't perfect tho', but I want you to be so
And no one can hold you, keep your head up
Hear the voice with the beat, the whole track blaze up!
Fuck the swag shit, hear the real hits
Wisdom bullets in my rhymes, gotta feel this
Place me between the realest killers
Dom Shatti Dom Shatti Dom Shatti is the illest



Dom Shatti is the illest, Dom Shatti is the illest, Dom Shatti is the illest, And this is the Undertake!
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