f/ Featherz

[Intro: Dom PaChino (girl)]

Persistence, bitch, is everything

(Yo what up, P?)

What's goin' on, man?

(I saw you today, why you wouldn't speak?)

I don't even be frontin'

Sometimes you be tryin' to holla at me

I mean, then you be on some bullshit

Like, you know like everybody

Tryin' to be at that club and hangin' out with ya girlfriends

They all strippers and shit

(Ah man, all my girls ain't strippers and shit

They gotta do what they gotta do

I don't be frontin' on them, you just bein' insecure)

I ain't insecure, I'm a live nigga

You gotta be stupid if you think I'm insecure

(Dom baby you know you got my heart, you ain't gotta be trippin' like that

That's what happened before)

I got your heart, man, all this time I spent with you

You think didn't want that shit?

[Dom PaChino]

Damn you lookin' so right

When I met you, thought I fucked you in my past life

Gave you my number and you called me that same night

Plus you got my name right

Hit it that next day, shorty shit so tight

Years passed now you like my wife, but you don't listen

in and out of clubs constantly, like you on a mission

Niggaz schemin' on your kitten plus your girls' bullshittin'

Hatin' got you double-datin', waitin' for our separation

Love my deep penetration, plus this shit I'm delegatin'

and keeps ya mind in elevation, seen you at the train station

God-damn, temptation, is it too late to stop debatin'?

and start the matin', I'm waitin, for you to give me answers

I keep givin' you chances, plus you still look good

My dick rip through my pants, Endless Love start playin'

Tell your people stop hatin'

and let's get together and rule the nation

[Featherz (Dom PaChino)]

Me for you and you for me

It's gonna take some time (We gon' get it together)

What we have is just too deep

for us to now decide

Me for you and you for me

It's gonna take some time (The wait is over)

What we have is just too deep

for us to keep inside

(Now give me my shit) {*girl giggling*

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Endless Love Lyrics

Dom Pachino – Endless Love Lyrics

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