Let me take you on a date, back
We ain't gotta wait
Tell me if you got an ex-nigga in the way
He can stay, I just want to get a little taste
And I see you keep your body in shape, look
I just wanna day, back
Damn you look good
Damn you look good, girl
And you look good, need to stop
Niggas came in, two shots
I'm waiting to hear sugar free quit the 2Pac
It's the coast, t-shirt, flannel, no clothes
A party ain't a party if my nigga can't smoke
Here we go, let me let me let me make a toast
To baby over there, cause she know I want to poke
No I don't - I just want to stick it
In her thong. Drop out the house and go
Dip another smoke, niggas know
Two 12's in the backseat
I'm passing by the kids, they yelling
"Nigga, that's me!" as I skate down
Damn, what's with all this hay?
When I come around, can't say it to my face
Niggas know I do stay paid
And niggas can't get that thing
When I come around, niggas better
Calm shit down. You niggas ain't buying kush style
You sharing that drink
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When I Come Around Lyrics

Dom Kennedy – When I Come Around Lyrics