Boy I'm here trying to let it out
Still trying to show you what this ladies all about
What I felt for you won't seem to go away
I have you in my heart and for good your there to stay
What can I say besides that your in my mind every day
Seems like these words ain't strong enough to make you mine
But I just can't help it even though I'm wastin my time
Let's press rewind, let's press rewind,
Just press rewind
Remember all the talks that we had
Talking to one another damm
Good times with the plans
Now things just ain't the same anymore
I can't stitch up my heart cause vato it's a big tore
I'm hurting inside like I never thought I would
Vato I'm saying I love you don't get me misunderstood
I'm just a hyna expressin what I feel
Not one of those tramps who pretend to keep it real

Lil by lil your killing my love
I wish I wasn't stuck in the fuzz
But I am I'm stuck with pain between the feelin of love & hate
Not knowing what direction to take
Not knowing where to head or turn
Because either one of them has a world of hurt
I just want to run and bring back time
To da day you kissed me for da very 1st time
The day we 1st met when I thought this love would never end
But times past and things changed
You even said yourself this love will end someday
You don't even have a clue when all the things I go thru
When I cry myself to sleep I'm always thinking of you
Asking myself if this love gonna last until I die
Or is it gonna end in a matter of time
But when you choose to go away I'm not gonna beg you to stay
Just pack your bags and don't come back didn't you want it like that
And your wish is my command
So had to make it come true
But you know what mija?
I'm always gonna love you

I'm on the serio
I die for you and lay in da cementerio
They say it's obsession so if it is it might at well
But if it's not still got more I need to tell
Your drivin me crazy and you just don't know it
And without noticing you took my heart and broke it
I'm aguitada all sad and depressed
For the same ol reason that made me feel like this
I'm heart broken and I can't live with out your kiss

I'm always gonna love you even tho that you won't
You say you do but something deep inside tells me you don't
I try to tell you how I feel but my words turn to tears
You don't even seem to care so you pretend not to hear
You say your gonna change but chale your still the same
You even made a promise but you flushed all to the drain
I'm gonna fight for our love even if it means death
Cause without you it's like I'm already dead
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Killing My Love Lyrics

Dolly Menace – Killing My Love Lyrics