The first verse is never easy
The curse of starting off
Spoilt for choice by all the wrongs
Now righteously I scoff
But have I really got the balls
To play the hand I'm dealt
When all I got's the worried blues
The worst I've ever felt

Everything is changing
All the politicians claim
Ah the times they are derangin'
See me slowly go insane
Here's a ranting, ragtime
Manifesto for a plan
Still haven't introduced myself
Hello, I'm Dolbro Dan

Nature sure is beautiful
On that we all agree
The flora and the fauna
Growing oh so naturally
While certain types of plant life
Help to reach a higher state
Sure, man made them illegal
But God don't make mistakes

When love is unconditional
Like Mister Hicks was taught
The war machine will cease to be
Perish the thought
So for our own protection
They're forbidden contraband
Well I guess I must be trippin' still
Hello, I'm Dolbro Dan

Give all the boys a weapon
Make em proud and bold
Following those protocols
Always doing as they're told
Robocops and sentinels
Programmed to obey
Executive decisions
In a million shades of grey

Machines cannot be reasoned with
They got no common sense
Try and start an argument
Go on - see how far you get
The horror and hypnosis
It's all Propaganda -anda -and
So I'm just gonna be myself
Hello, I'm Dolbro Dan

I don't need fancy gadgets
Nothing's built to last
Obsolete within a week
Then throw it in the trash
I might have guessed
They suppress the best technology
But I'll pay you back in kindness
If you'll come and work for free

No need for all these price tags
We've enough to go around
The most effective method's
Buried somewhere underground
Let's redesign the future
The tools are in our hands
Check The Venus Project. Com
Endorsed by Dolbro Dan

Now I may turn Establishment
And give up on my dream
Raise a pillow to my face
And let out one last scream
Give in to the feeling
That's been creeping for some time
Fight to keep my 9-5
By working five to nine

But everything keeps changing
There's nothing left to blame
Light yourself a candle
Disappear inside the flame
There aint no need to worry, babe
I hope you understand
I'm away to kill my ego now
Say "So long" Dolbro Dan
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Dolbro Dan's Ragtime Rant Lyrics

Dolbro Dan – Dolbro Dan's Ragtime Rant Lyrics