(3: 48)
I've been drinkin' the devil's milk
Smokin' memories made of silk
I grew up lived my life and died
I've been mentally crucified
I live in a pit of snakes
I wake up petrified with the shakes
I'm back, back on the juice
In the world of self abuse
Hung out with Jesus for a couple of days
Guess he could not dig my ways
I went to the devils inn
It's the only place I don't have to pay to get in
Back, back on the juice
So I ain't the best lookin' of guys
I'm a sucker when I drink, a sucker when I lie
I live in a pit of snakes
But you guys are petrified, shake!
Back on the juice
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Back On The Juice Lyrics

Dogs Damour – Back On The Juice Lyrics