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Baby If You're Ready Lyrics

Doggy's Angels – Baby If You're Ready Lyrics

Oh, baby if you're ready I can give u what u looking for (I guarantee once u stay with me you'll want no more)
And baby if u want it u can get it once we close the door ooohhhh
(Verse 1)
You know there's something about rolling with a G like u
Khaki's french braids rep the bo' keepin' it true
In the gs when u see us we on dubs
Any bs that wanna see us get on up
18's on the hand like u bang for years
Main bitch and i ain't switch bringing the tears
Hot bitch like ???? when u hit an appendix
His and her simmy's regulate the problems we finish
Taught me how to grind seperate my nickels from dubs
G with it wen u win it so i'm showin'
u love
Had to check a broad yesterday for grilling u down
Shut it down quick cause they wannna see these rounds
Any beef u got trust we gon' eat it together
Hold it down in the hood while i get this cheddar
Whether it's all grits or gravy yo we ready to tango
It's all G heavenly so u labeling me yo' angel

(verse 2)
You know u chose the best when u singled me out
I got these catzy close range
I'm contageous to these lames with broke game
It's time to kill game
I feel yo' pain
They wanna stretch you for some change
Never worry boo i'm not gon' change
It's gon' still feel the same
Beside's you said u done with them games
It ain't no love lost
I hollered at yo' lawyer and I slid in them cards
Boss bitch and I could put that on the cross
I'mma bang for u
And we gon' pull through so when they release u
Out them bars we gon' look up at the stars
Notice the hood stars
They movin inside us together got them at wa
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Songwriters: Chan Gaines, Kevin Gilliam, Kim Proby, Kola Marion, Latoya Williams, Priest Brooks
Baby If You're Ready lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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