Did you dream about -
Did you dream about it?
Did you dream about her again?
Well, I could fly and
We were flying
And she was riding an elephant
I don't mean to
Just go on about it
But it's kinda hard to forget
You don't think about it
You don't talk about it
You don't talk about the
About the - about the-

The Queen danced and
I saw her dancing
She could dance so elegant
"Did you ever
Dream about her?
Said the King to the Hierophant

When the White Knight
Talked backwards
The Queen yelled,
"Off with his head!"
He ate one too
Many mushrooms
And forgot what the Dormouse said
When you go home
And you sleep at night
Don't think about your regrets
Close your eyes and
Fantasize and
Come march with the elephants
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March Of The Elephants Lyrics

Doesin – March Of The Elephants Lyrics