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The Wall Must Fall Lyrics

Doc Jazz – The Wall Must Fall Lyrics

Time flies
When you're having fun
Anyone who's been there can tell

But as days pass
Things are being done
And the story becomes harder to sell

If crime pays
Business is a boom
Your corporate devils soaring up high

But their violent ways
Are starting to consume
The fabric of the parachute
That keeps them in the sky

Even while you build your walls
Your self-conception is false
This land will never be yours

Cause the more hatred you cause
The more you'll grieve for the loss
When the Apartheid wall falls

War games
Are what you know so well
Do you really think it works out to last

Fire and flames
Can make a living hell
But they'll never serve to fix up your past

Do you know what it means
Or do you think it's something meant to avoid

But you must face
The inevitable scene
Your Apartheid wall is gonna be
Eventually destroyed
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