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Kill Or Be Killed Lyrics

Do Or Die – Kill Or Be Killed Lyrics

N.A.R.D- less thoughts in the land of heartless assasin killas concrete guerillas, cold-blooded mind mentally dead niggas cold temperature fearless, them ones who shoot til yo lifes gone when the knifes on, yo body dissapearin to a dark zone, it's onim mad-doggin yo grill with my chrome
Tap in yo phones at home leave yo kids all alone they gone,smoke them from them blunts and leaves nobody wanna fuck with thesealmost some pipe bomb type shit,who'll run with these?The editor, eliminate my competitor,time to feel the wrath of a full-blooded preditorso in my head im on backtrackin niggas, subtractin niggas im a fact of figure who react the triggas
Bitch it's up to you who react the quickestim sendin yo parter and some notes
There's plenty who on my shit-list 'cause sorry represent this hit-list so remeber this, in my fuckin city, it's kill or be killed.

CHORUS: K-i-l-l- o-r -be- k-i-l-l- o-r -be- k-i-l-l- o-r -be-, kill or be killed (repeat twice)

Belo- im'a take a life quick as i take a breath,and i aint acceptin this bullshit im livin just like i aint acceptin death, took a steps and left you son of a bitch you stuck,hit you with this thang on a toke of tha name
'cause a killa jus buck neva wind me up, the center of yo essence appears to fire me up it'll be plenty mo cryin, senses and pour my swigs a nigga jus got fucked up(AK-47: visualize a fly gettin smashed by a batterie)put it in a frame nigga go get tha picture who i am,(who it is?)belo muthafuckin zero
Cut it in the wind when you hit tha corner bitch,so don't fuck with me ho,
'cause we know how drama calculate, testin out niggas fate keep yo head straight avoidin that dead-weight shit up out tha gate,
I often feel when this shit get drastic, im'a make a muthafucka notice my production of these closed cascettes, fucked up get blasted since pre-school on some bad shit, your first and last pick, it's kill or be killed on you bastards

AK-47: 17 in tha midst of a you there's a few bitches that's scared to shoot, muthafucka dun rescued you, was blessed a few but i gotta exicute when im next to you, automatic with a tactic to become invinsible what scenes you know, lay down muthafucka thas how you know you defence'll go you bitches know, tempa with a nigga, jack off and the lead off you can blast off and the red cross and then fess off with yo head gone lookin fo tha head boss, steppin ova boundaries, it sound to me pickin niggaz surroundin me on dummy shit pick a ball with tha funny shit leavin bodies with tha hallow tip with extra clip, shit, unload with tha 4-pound then throw down show down fo tha flo down, you toe down, now i gotta finish tha job if i wanna cova more grounds, since im low down,I mad-dog release these 15 from this--?- help smoke tha 4-pound nigga, slow down, so when i hit you with tha rat-i-tat take tha game remain the pain smoke tha weed make tha g's attain tha braids 16 with an L gotta getaway tonight, don't blewin why, dose bitches wont do you right shut em off they tru filize is u filizes and im a choose yo life, gotta feelin anybody turnin blue tonight, muthafucka you right


Phsyco Drama- 16 in the clip one in my muthafuckin chamber, loco ass nigga goin through spells of anger you can inhale tha danger, im feenin to snap so call me a hype fo tha staic, im eatning, my brain recycling havoc, son of a bitch from phsyco dramatic, but i think im cursed with more than this evil shit, i can take you back to some mid-evil shit but guess what weapons we gon pick? it a be mo than a man can imagine havin, damn it, 17 hot ones at yo skin grabbin, worse than a mutant stabbin, see my ward got drama and my room is padded and im surroundin by triple darkness, so tha measures that i take is drastic, be more than disasterous, when im grabbin that black mask and that magazine tha caps in tha basket, givin they ass some plastic fits, see my poppa told me punkin em out wont do no damn good fuckin with yo man hood, can you handle it where that man stood, so don't ask me if im off a piece of piece of pussy then a piece of fuckin steel, 'cause in my city bitch it's kill or be killed.

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