By Any Means- Mashonda feat. Wyclef

Oooh ahhhh oohhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Chorus: By any means I'm gonna find ya when I get ya I ma tell ya that there's no way that you will ever leave my lovin is the best you must confess I'm bout to squeeze your body make you feel so many ways you never felt I will never tease By any means ooh please

Its only been a weekend I'm missin you so crazily and I told you I did not want you to leave and you tellin me you gotta hit the streets cuz your papers runnin' low and you gotta go I'm screamin cuz I'm scared of the fire blow but there's somethin you really gotta know by any means I'm gonna get you back soooooo


You callin me from the payphone sayin itz bout 10 n itz from home, I'm happy cuz itz been so dammm long and I'm tired of singing these sad songs 20 minutes passed n you aint here I strat hearin sirens in my ears, they got you n I don't understand it, Ima hold you down that's for granted

Me wanna to see Lightas lightas
Me want to see some lightas lightas
Me wanna to see lightas lightas

Who sent you how much they pay you memme tell you I got guns the size of torpidos and sound like volcanoes if you want you can be a widow I suggest you jump out the window. (Repeat 2x)
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Mashonda Lyrics

DMX – Mashonda Lyrics