I look at the sea and I look at the sky and I close my eyes and it blows my mind
Cause I find—a differentiation

What could it be that's stuck in my side that's beggin' me to change my mind
And unwind—a differentiation

You know it really took somebody to make me see
Somebody special...
Somebody close to me
You know I don't need no one tellin' me the way to be
'Cause I know I live my life a little differently
I keep up my defenses 'cause I know I can't part with the formative constructions within' my heart
I know I won't let go

What can I say when there comes a day when I learn to play another way far away...
A differentiation

Chronic break intoxicated makes it less blatant but I still feel—a differentiation


When'll it be that we agree on how things should really be cause I see—a differentiation

What'll it take for me to say that I'll follow you on the path you take 'cause I feel—a differentiation

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Differentiation Lyrics

D'Mention – Differentiation Lyrics