[Verse 1]
Before we
Go there
Tell me
You've been nowhere
Lie to me lie to me now
Before we
Go deeper
Look at me
And say I need ya
Right now

[Pre Chorus]
I want ya I want ya right now
I know that I ain't been around
I know you don't love me
And you don't think of me
But make me feel special somehow
Make me feel needed for now
Make me feel wanted for now
Tell me you love me
Just lie to me lie to me now

Cuz I been alone for so long
I been all alone for so long
I been all alone
Ain't have no one to hold
You ain't call my phone for so long

[Verse 2]
Before you
Touch me
Tell me
No one’s touched me
Lie to me now
Before you
Take off that shirt
Say those words
Don’t make it hurt

[Pre Chorus]
Tell me you been waitin for me and those other men were practice
Tell me that you saved it for me and those other guys can’t have it

Take my hand right now
I’m your man right now
I’m the only one you givin love to
You give it up to
Tell me that you understand right now
In the morning go back to your life
Just tell me you love me tonight
Show me you care tonight be there
Tomorrow i’ll kiss you goodbye
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Bellah Lyrics

D'Meetri – Bellah Lyrics

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