[Wiz Khalifa:]
Imma need more champagne

[DJ Whoo Kid:]
NIGGA bombs

[A$AP Ferg:]
Black James Bond feeling like King Kong
Wiz Khalifa with a riff and a bong
Just get a beach with a bitch in a thong
Better talk to me like you talk to your mom
Young ... try champagne in the park
Forget it, put your girl in the part
Look me in the mouth like a damn ...
Hit it in the back like Babe Boss Ruthie
Baby, higher than a roofie baby
... it baby
My hoes stay loose .. baby
And I'm in my new mercedes
On the roof coupe down
And we drip more champagne
And every time I come around
I walk in a ... out
Sipping the crystal
And your chick lookin' bitter
And bet I'm tipsy now
And she's so pissing now
I feel like R. Kelly now
I think she love my bottle
You better get your child

[Wiz Khalifa]
Imma need more champagne
Tell the waitress to cop a couple more bottles
and bring em up
We got for every n-gga that came with us
Supposed I'm a crazy muthaf-cka
Gettin f-cked up
Champagne, sip more bottles of rozay
When they ... to us
Just follow up in the club
It's paid for us

Imma need more champagne

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