What cha want boyz?
You want that trouble boyz?
I know you don't want it with me.
If you beefing I take it to them in streets....
What cha want boyz?
You want tha product you aint getting s**t for free so who you want it with?
"what you don't want it from me ".
Then who you want it from?
Life is not fair fuh tha strap
I'm blasting you see.
You not getting it for free. What you want boyz?
Do you want that trouble boy?
What cha want boyz?
I don't know about you I want a bish
I'm going to the club looking for that looking for this
I'm going do the moon walk in the opposite direction
ladys want to dance with a non-fiction nigga like me keeping it hood keeping it street.
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What Cha Want Boyz Lyrics

Dj Sith Jordan – What Cha Want Boyz Lyrics

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