Hey girl hey girl (hey there baby girl)
When I 1st laid eyes on you (when I 1st laid eyes on u)
I knew I'd never find someone (I knew it)
As beautiful as you (as you baby)

Hey girl hey girl
When I 1st laid eyes on you (ever since then mama)
I knew I'd never find someone (all I could ever think about)
As beautiful as you (is you)

You got the beauty of an angel nd the skies of a dove
Personality's so beautiful I'm fiening for love
Got me feeling like I'm in heaven, she's my paradise
From the first time that I saw her it was love at 1st sight
She's my friend and my lover, my life and family
She's my heart and my soul my dreams and fantasy
She's the passion for my future and my destiny
And soon down the road she's gonna stand right next to me

Some people love us
Some people love to hate us
But it just doesn't matter cuz there's nothing that can break us
She's my rida chick and I'm her rida man so baby hold my hand
Together we'll ride till the end



I used to be a playa baby but you changed me
No one ever thought that change that was strangely
You had a lot of patience and you did not stop the trying
I never thought anyone would take the risk of crying
But then you came by and you proved me wrong
So I thank you mama and I write this song
Nt to wrap it, nt to make a million bucks, nt to be a famous star
I don't need deluxe
I made this song to spill my soul so you can feel it
From my heart baby not some made up lyris
Ur a mans dream, ur the hearts cue
And the love you and I share is so pure


Oh ohhhh ohhh

I've always been stoppin like
Never thought a girl wouldve taught me right
Let's face it you gave me who I am
Taught me how to love a girl and be a man
Baby all I gotta say is thank you
And I'm sorry everything you had to go through
This songs about to finish but my love can't stop
I'll end it with a kiss and let the mood just drop

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Beautiful Lyrics

DJ Sancho – Beautiful Lyrics