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California Lyrics

Dj Quik – California Lyrics

(feat. Amg)

[10 seconds of instrumental to open]

[Dj Quik]
Yeah.. I wanna take this time to dedicate this song to my city
To my county - fuck it the whole state

Let me take a moment to tell you just what it is
C-A-L-I-F-O-are-N-I-A is the biz
Celebrity down to Cherokee back to the kids
Every level of livin status except for the mid
A paradise situation if that's what you make it
Red and blue equal yellow tape if that's where you take it
Forest fires and earthquakes and manmade lakes
A prescription for chronic tonic to ease your aches
And if you dress right, you can have the best night
Two or three at a time and let the rest fight
The diamonds and red gold might give you a head cold
You freeze like a Jello mold when you hit the light
On Rosecranz you can't make a you-turn
Cross the T flats and try to make new birds or shoot back
It's war and peace with no help from police
Either you restin in peace or tryin to conquer the streets
In California

[Chorus:] + (Amg)
Everybody want it but you can't get it
Gangster to the hustler, live to straight win it
It's California mayne (California) it's California mayne (California)
We got movie stars and we got criminals
Boys from the hood and fly saditty hoes
It's California mayne (California) it's California mayne (California)

[Dj Quik]
In Inglewood they come in yellowbone, Compton they come with shots
Carson got the smart ones, Watts got the hots
Glass houses in Linnwood, see how they hop
With the ladies gettin ready in hair and nail shops
In Bellflower Lakewood ladies taste good
It stay hood, visitin but stay if they could
With kday bangin out, betray us they stood
By the burger stand tellin stories on the wood
With all these dudes and all these bad broads
And all this good food and all these fast cars
Ain't no wonder why Cali got all these glad stars
Forty dollar shots gettin turned up at the bar
It's the Pacific coast [?] how could they doubt you
I did this track out of town thinkin about you
From Eureka through Ventura down to San Diego
California es en fuego, fuego..


Leather and wood, I'm good to the plus
Don't even trip, I did the shoes and the bus
76 and Crenshaw was the locale
I used to smoke out in between my vo-cals
Wherever it's cheap, wherever it's Q
Whatever California want us to do
If you in the red and they get you in blue
Represent your concrete keepin it true
And all my girls in the world, I love you all
I never want you to lose, I won't let you fall
But you gotta get better at lovin a nigga, lovin yourself
Instead of steady comin up on the wealth
I been here a while, I know a pretty smile is a trap
To pull a nigga right up out of his cap
But give me 20 minutes I can widen the gap
It's California baby on the left of the map, ah-hah

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