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Intro (10 Summers: The Mixtape, Vol. 1) Lyrics

Mustard – Intro (10 Summers: The Mixtape, Vol. 1) Lyrics

[Intro: DJ Mustard]
Ain't did this in a long time. Let me see if I can do it
Let’s get it
Ya’ll already know who I am right?
Mr. Ten Summers
Mr. Never less than they
It’s third Summer right?
We only getting better with time you dig?

[Verse 1: RJ]
Woke up in the morning with a hard dick
Baby gave me head for my hardship
Feeling like I’m Jordan or im Clark Kent
Look I can get fly on a park bench

[Verse 2: Big Mike]
Snatch it and run away
I will not be the one
Clips y'all extended drums
You will not see the day
Shoot shit and fade away
They like to play away
Pray I don’t catch a case

[Verse 3: Choice]
I always got payed too
In the dirt they gon’ bob then raid you
Yes shit changed too
Momma ain’t seen her son okay boy
Taylor Swift gay boy
I hate you
Can only be a set of stacks
Love ain’t in it
Sean Kemp 40 and the glove came wit it
Bought the ‘96 Pony and the plug came with it
A hundred thousand before I'm 30
No fucks came with it
Nigga you pitiful, pitiful in the human form
Living through niggas who
Catch your move so they going hard
Ten Summers long, more money, more power
Learn to pump your brakes or make your horn louder

[Verse 4: RJ]
Aye nigas got lawyers for that though
Chickens in the tele I’m Castro
Never got milked I’m lactose
Niggas got rich and they back broke
Tricked off your rent on the lack though
Ten Summer souls, I’m that cold
So bitch I be good if we end on a bad note
Hashtag OMMIO caps on
Nigga I’m that bold
Good for the scri-natch, I been here, where you been at

[Verse 5: Big Mike]
Summers with the tin hats
Seeing Barbie where your Ken at
See your pockets where you thin at
You mess with the fake as you see
We don’t blend that I been that
That nigga checked the playbook
Shoot a hundred, drop 40 like I'm Westbrook
See it with your own eyes that’s the best look
You flexing, I’m pressing
I’m stretch outta testing
I’m in this shit

[Verse 6: Choice]
Ready for my cherry I might be in a Benz
Loaded ass supper like Jesus and friends
Trust Philly come in red hot, Curtis and Jimmy
On your horniest day ain’t gon’ be no fucking with me
And i'm with the crew...
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