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I'm Outta Here Lyrics

DJ M.K.A. – I'm Outta Here Lyrics

Here is to the world of money
And all my love ones all over the world
We scream for justice and stare at the fire
So, God, help me through the game

Even if the end is near
We will still be reigning here
We ain't outta here
We ain't outta here

[Tina Barrett]
It's been the eye of tiger and the eagles's blood
It's been a train wreck and a Noah flood
But it isn't just any Noah flood
It is rain and rivers full of blood
All of you haters want me to ball
All of you lovers want to just crawl
Still standing like a master in the hall
Or like a samuri heading to the falls
We will still be kicking it, we will still be shiting it
Flaming fire flames all over the roof
And I don't need any prove
N*gga, just as long as I'm good
Tame lions in the savannah, eaten by piranhas
There's a hole in the ceiling and it's catching fire
I'll be making money living a cock bitch
Don't need to ditch, I just need to snitch
Hating on you dumb people getting stronger
As my strength gets higher I might fight ya
Don't get in my way, don't need to say
That I'm gonna kick this every single fucking day

[Hook: X-Eme]
The end is getting near
Soon we may be getting all drunk on beer
Then I'll be outta here
I'll be outta here
One more shot left, will be hard, you bet
Won't be able to make it yet
I'll be outta here
Be outta here soon

[Professor Green]
I left out the contest, cause I'm yet to be the best
Not grown up in the fair world like the rest
Making music is hard but can't hesitate
Critics giving negative votes and rates
Had to watch all my family die
Had to spend a couple weeks just trying to try
God is my son and a prayer to my mum
Can't take a chance, at least little to none
Bombs in the building, they're gonna explode
Had to drive a plane with no landing gear mode
There may be nothing left but I read about it
No matter who is the victim or who is the witness
The bombs goes to eight, I am left in a state
The bomb is at seven and I stop thinking 'bout fate
Six, five, four, I'll knock on your door
Three, two, one, I need a zero mode
The russian roulette spins in an uneven spiral
The clock runs out on my first time trial
Bullet in the head, they wanna see my blood head
Towards the meat and other food the fish fed


Yeah, the water reaches its tide
I murder fuck n*ggas on the bumpy ride
Rest in peace, ODB and fuck the other side
Yeah, I'm heading out tonight
And, yeah, I might get stuck in a fight
But I still know that the price is right
My father risked it, but he never risked shit
He only ever fell into the pit
In a sumberine that just got bombed
Hut by a seesaw that I'm on
Yeah, all my haters are snitches
They don't know I salute to dumb bitches
Lemme see your hands up in the sky, n*gga
Moving forward and backwards, yeah, Forward, n*gga
How do you see me now, n*gga?
If you barely see me, n*gga, then how, n*gga?
Haters want to free throw, staring like I'm Jordan
This hole is where I throw all my balls in
I never stop moving but read all about it
I grab a mushroom and take one hit


[Tina Barrett]
Yeah, you don't know me yet
Or you do from my old squad
But at least not as a solo one
At least not yet
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