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Supreme Team Lyrics

Dj Krush – Supreme Team Lyrics

Get low

I turned frosty to keep the grime off
Keep my lines staggered the braggart that stopped
Traffic with patterns that cracked cabbages
Back in the crack labor(tory)
Spit this traum flip this traum
Respond its like I got a bomb tatted on my arm
Um who run lyrics like h-prism
That's refracted back the pat pterodactyl
The solution will unwrap you
It's capital A-P-see / walk with me thru the
Blocks and blocks of coma
I spit trauma
Spark a lighter or a flare
I rep faculty actually
By my side not back of since back in the
Pac tragedy
His majesty

See when you see me your seeing
The supreme team...

I got the convo's locked
Boxed in like a condo
Boas doing mambo
The script I talk I walk
So when spit it I ridded the wicked
Fuck with stitches fuck a fit
I throw a hospital
Its twisted
M (dot) s-a-y-y-i-d ese'
With essays
Lion king
Novel broadway
Leave you les miserables
Got the odd job messy
High noon blue jet spray
International aka address jfk
Bananas at the spot where I stay
Vanilla dutches cats is on crutches
Forty tracks with the axe that pats you back like

See when you see me your seeing
The supreme team...
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