M. O. Pppppppppp
First Familyyyyyy
Firing Squad and you know they make it happen
And it's gonna beeeeee til' infinityyyyyyyy
Firing Hard sendin' up to all those thugs now Babe

(Chorus)[All singin](Repeat 2x)
They don't show my people no pasion
Do They Love when These thugs be blastin'
It's da Firing Squad and Yo' we askin
They show no Love
[What up]

Remember me
I participated in the one of the hottest joints in 1-9-9-3
[M. O. P]
First Family
[That's Right]
And I'm loved all ova'
Believe What I told ya, When I told ya imma soldia
[No Doubt]
I get down
Son ask around
I've sipped drugs from Brownsville to Bricktown
Why you decied how a man should be
Imma set [aside] my [pride]
And [ride] wit' my family
That's how I move
[It won't change]
**Still my love for Burbank is piller than chump change**
>From mid range
To all you cats that's thinkin I'm chump change
Don't know how these chest pains feel
[Show em' da deel]
I dun traveled in different dementions with good intentions
Of keepin' it real so

(Chorus)(repeat 1x)

[The Last man standing]
Fame neva missed
Quick wit' game and sickin da Brame terrorist
[Put ya arms down]
Before I drop a bomb down
Make ya whole staff calm down
Nevamind wit dat cat talkin'
I'm off to rap Fisio blow em' off the track
If it's a melody

I bring out my energy
And da remede
Wipes out da enemy
Get down for myne
Mom duke call me Jambo
I scramble wit fake thugs Thinkin' they Rambo
[Ya'll see it]
Home team
Rock well pesisted
[For instance]-(Bill sayin it)
Use the first verse as my intrance
I present to you
The brownsville slugga nucka on top of his game
I present to you
The brownsville slugga nucka put one in ya brain
[Hold dat down]

[Chorus:] Repeat 2x
Hey yo, my family ties connect me to guys that's into
Whateva's quick
A quick wit ghetto potential
[second against you]
Look, it's more than just a hit
[The Firing Squad]
Produce sugaful shit
And what I'm spittin shows my mission is saficiant
[Neva wash em']------(1 Person sings)
Sometime I clock em'
Rockin' and listenin
[alright now]
It's da hometeam
Were back
So you should get ya gat and let ya chrome steam
These rap dudes sabitage
[That ain't reyal]
Your rap styles carolouge
[I can't Feyal]
Feelers rockin this
From New York to Providence
Give the tape replay from D. C to va
Move like Mcgyver
Dealt wit' conivas
True monified gangstas
Safe survivors
In the meantime
Mas Destruction
It's a
[Rapid Fire]

When you look in my eyes tell me what you see
You know how it feels to be rappin with ya fam
I am retard as you and those thing you do
Firing squad sendin up to all those thugs now babe

[Chorus:] Repeat 2x
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No Love Lyrics

Dj Clue – No Love Lyrics

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