I don't wanna loose this relationship
So we gotta stay strong
Don't wanna move on
I know you sick and tied of the fussing
And the fighting and the cussing
But I love you and you love me too
I did you wrong
You did me wrong
I take you back
You take me back
I did you wrong girl
You did me wrong girl
I take you back
I take you back
No matter what you do
No matter what you say
No matter how far you don't take yo love away
Cuz I love you and girl I want you
And girl I need you so lets just work out
I aint trying to waste yo time
Aint trying to waste my time
Aint no need to waste no time
Cuz we done put in to much time
When you in the middle of a relationship
The easiest thing to do is to leave
When you gotta stick it out and a workout
And a stick it out
Until the end of the day (reapeat chorus)
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Sticking And Rolling Lyrics

Dj Chipman – Sticking And Rolling Lyrics

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