Watch me ima shine , ima get mine,
Go about your bidness if you aint about your grind
Im putting in the time, im turning all the screws
And i aint got no time to sit and worry bout you
Watch me im grinding, grinding, grinding, (I keep Grinding ON)
I keep shinin shininn
(shining on all of you)
Watch me im grinding
Watch me im grinding, grinding, grinding, (I keep grinding on)
Watch me im grinding, grinding, grinding, cause aint nobody do it like me
And thats why im shining

Wake up in the morning gotta push it everyday gotta grind just to make it
Sometimes i just stay awake,
Gotta girl thats a model chick bad as she wanna be
Knows how to play the part and hustles right along with me

Aint nobody got it, not the way that i do
Started at the bottom , now im climbing past you
Even though you coulda dropped a ladder when i asked you
You shoulda been the first to step up not the last to

Now you can watch me shine like a diamond on a sunny day
All because i grinded all the coal-hearted dirt away
Because of people like you im on a mission
And you can just expect that ima kill the competition

You were sideways hating on me
Everyday you thought that i couldnt see
That you were jealous of me

Verse 2

If I can't do nothing I'ma ball
I'm a shine like I took a bath in
Armor All
Haters want me dead
So I'm armor level four
You got choppers in the trunk
I keep mine right by the door
These corny rappers better take my lead
Whole fleet of new convertibles off Sheik Zayhed
Illuminati want my mind soul and my body
I'm in Dubai so much you swear I was a Emirate
That's why I move like I shake
Couple killers on the give
For them ni**as trying to take
Penthouse in the air
Big house on lake
Spent a monthly mortgage payment on a steak
Yeah (waygu)
That's Kobe beef
And I ride for my country like I'm Toby Keith
And they better have my money like I'm O.D.B. (Ole Dirty Bastard)
Biggest ni**a in the city
Call me Burj Kahlif
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Shining Lyrics

DJ BLISS – Shining Lyrics

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