Feels like the sky has never been so blue
But that's not the way it used to be
'Cause there was a time that I was without you
Before I said that I believe
Oh, I need a Savior
Oh, I need a Savior

I want to give this up
I want to hold your hand
Take away this fear that's like an ocean in my head
I want to tell you now
What I couldn't say before
You are everything that I was always looking for
So take me where you want me
Take me 'cause I wanna be yours

I've got pride that I still have to break
It's keeping me away from you
But you stay patient while I make mistakes
I'm learning how to trust that you
Are always a Savior

In the good and the bad times
Oh, it don't really matter
I want to know you
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Yours Lyrics

Dizmas – Yours Lyrics