So you came to show me that you're better than me
You don't have to tell me I already know
You got brands, marks, money, friends, you got everything I'd need
If I were fucking boring bum
You eat better way, then you shit better way, everything about it
You read in the magazine
I wonder how much ink you have to put under your skin until it blows
Your fancy nose
Look at that girl, she's a motherfucking artist
Somebody call a doctor, she's getting too fantastic
Well, she is depressed, but then whatever
She's gonna put some happy shit on facebook and it's better
After a while it doesn't really matter, the only thing that matters is she's gonna feel like heaven
After booze and new tattoes, and let her laugh
Meantime I'm gonna cry for her like that:

Warsaw, what you've done to me

No I don't wanna spend the rest of my life
Begging people that I hate to like my vibe where
The only way to prove that you are real
Is to take a photo of your fancy meal
Now what the hell is this, man, what kind of a circus
Every day I wonder where did normal people go
When I'm on the streets of Warsaw I feel like I'm juggling
Ridin on a one-wheel bike
Sometimes I get terrified at night
When I wake up dreaming that I act like that
Truth is in a place where they will put it
Place is where you gonna lick their ass
Call me when I'm in Miami honey, I'll be playin gigs for fun and crowds
See you on a main stage, I will send you love
Meantime I'm gonna cry for you like that:

Warsaw, what you've done to me
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Warsaw, What You've Done To Me Lyrics

Divines – Warsaw, What You've Done To Me Lyrics