Baby you're just a little baby
You pretend to be a lady
But you're just a little baby

Bored of the sitter will go to the bidder, the highest
If you discover that he's undercover, his stained kiss
Pull out your heartstrings and take all the other things for granted
Remember yourself before all the other ideas have been planted


Right from the start I saw you play the part in rehearsal
You chose the mood and decided to move in the circle
How does it feel when you spin on the wheel of destiny
You feel good tonight but tomorrow you'll wake up dishonestly


He took you for a lover
But then you found another
And now you're asking me
What should I do?

I won't try to stop you
I think you want to grow
In the arms of someone new
Maybe in time you'll return to him
And maybe in time you'll see the best
Changing the cast, erasing the past
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Little Baby Lyrics

Divine – Little Baby Lyrics