I'm gonna kick your butt
With the beat and the rhythm of the buck. (repeat x8)

I'm gonna knock you off your seat with a punch of the beat
I'm gonna knock your body down, gonna turn this beat around
I'm gonna slap you in the face with the beat in a public place
I'm gonna knock this sucker out, the rhythm's gonna make you shout


I'm gonna bully this place around with the beat and the rhythm of the sound
I'll give you all a treat, I'm gonna attack you with the beat
I'm gonna mug you with the groove, I'm gonna force your body to move
I'm gonna threaten you with some thug, I'm gonna kick you in the butt.

Who's butt you gonna kick?
I'm gonna kick your butt!
I don't think you could kick my butt!
I know I could kick your butt!
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Kick Your Butt Lyrics

Divine – Kick Your Butt Lyrics

Songwriters: BOBBY ORLANDO
Kick Your Butt lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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