You can Dominate, the land and the sea, But the air you wont reach at all

Fly, fly very high son, Fly fly very high son
Before the Blue ocean Sink all of your dreams, and eat your life away

My dear son today I will teach you
To fly like the birds, you'll pursue the winds, and kiss the clouds

Fly, fly lower son fly
Fly fly lower son fly
Before the father sun, burn your wings, and steals your name

Icarus my dear son, we're about to set out on
The flight no human has been able to achieve


With my feet I will touch, the White Meerschaum, and my hands will reach the skies

Look at them, down below, they thinks we're Gods, that fly over their territories, blessing their humanity

Don't draw near the sea, it can sink your wings, it can sink your heart
Neither the sun, because you can lose, your flying

Under the sun icarus Flouted the death, But knowing that goes up has to go down

The sun destroyed his wings very son, he began to fall and his dreams melted

Icarus, Icarus Icarus
My dear son where are you

Icarus, Icarus you will rest in the sea, My victory on the air wont be the same anymore, Without you
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The Flight Of Icarus Lyrics

Divine Burial Of Fears – The Flight Of Icarus Lyrics