Wat up my haters I seen you in dht 21 century I never meant you befor
But you know how it feels to over coming to the next living century.
Hey do you understand me
O.k my haters they can't never do it like me we
We we do it over and over again and that's why they always singing to me
My haters always tell you wat to do and you can't do what you want to do
And I seen you doing it with my boi on the 20th street
And you lied to me I neverd meant you see you till you died for me
Hey do you understand me I tlod you wat to do if you wanted to be with me
Hey you make make me feel good to day 'like micki in the sweet little moster house and you can't never be with me that why I sayd sing it to me naw
You make me feel like I been evaulated you love never camed fleen for me
I remember you was in this place for time
For time
As you can see I seen you looking at me and you can't never stp lookin at m, e and we
Can just do what we do because you never know what we see is true.
O o o o
I see you doing me but your love aint coming truuue
Yea oooo
And you aint gona do me cuz the last time you did it you can't do it again you can't do it again
So sing it to me noww
Wat up my haters I seen you doing it and you blamed it on me
What did I do (whast did I do) and you
Never want to see me your love was nothing but the rest and you never seen me that's why I say
You are my hater and I no what to do you say that you are rich but I meat you before all my haters are say n to me
What did I do
To deserve you
That ehy I'm hear to be with youuu
Oo that's why I'm hear
To hear you cry I really love you for the
Moment you see
Yea my haters do me all day
They do me all night yea
I love it love love love love
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Wat Up Haters Lyrics

Diva Barabin – Wat Up Haters Lyrics

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