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D19 Lyrics

Disq – D19 Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Sometimes you need that memory sound
To get your music off the ground
It's something that you could have known
Dynamic microphone you know
I was just nineteen
When I met my D19
So old but new to me
Can't wait to see what's gonna be
I know my friends used to like you a lot and
I figured I'd better give it a shot
But I was shot down, didn't work out
The right sound didn't come out

D19 could have been my queen
Prettiest mic I'd ever seen
She would've made everything sound so serene
She's my D19

[Verse 2]
Plugged in, somethings wrong
Then I heard your bass response was gone
Roll off didn't roll a thing
Couldn't really hear me sing
I'll send her back home to England now
Maybe someone there can fix her maybe they know how, I feel
Stupid like I wasted my time
But a D19 could have been so fine

D19 could have been my queen
Someday I'm gonna find one that's really clean
I would have used it for the drums with my recording machine
She's my D19
D19 should have been my queen
She was the prettiest microphone I'd ever seen
And when they used it on the Beatles it sounded so mean
She's my D19

She's my D19, yeah
She's my D19
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